GFAF Offers Grassroots Training!

Learn the laws, rules, roles, and responsibilities
of Election Workers and Campaign Volunteers in all Georgia polling locations

The right to vote is fundamental to our representative republic. Elections must be fair and free. It should be “Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat”.

Georgia for Fair Elections is a coalition of organizations in the Commonwealth that are working to ensure the November 2021 elections are fair and free. They hosted an Election Integrity Summit on August 20 and 21. This free, on-demand training features two presentations on Georgia election laws. While the information is state-specific, the ideas taught are foundational for any Election Worker or Poll Watcher for any election anywhere.

Investigative Canvassing Boot Camp

Canvassing efforts are intended to establish THE TRUTH about elections in order to support appropriate lawsuits and legislative changes to Georgia election law. Among others, they include presenting important issues to all citizens, including voter ID, installment of paper ballots, precinct hand counts, absentee voting with valid excuse only, and creating an Election Day holiday.
GFAF conducts active public relations campaigns using the findings from data collected. The data collection standards are rigorous and designed to stand up in a court of law.
GFAF uses publicly available data to analyze high probability fraud trends by precinct and county.
GFAF uses the canvassing results to provide data to clean county voter rolls and to provide valuable information to legislators so that they can advocate for change to existing laws and statutes.
GFAF assists House and Senate legislators by providing lobbying and public relations campaigns to increase awareness.

Training will include:

Grassroots Activism Training

GFAF Training Seminar will consist of material developed by the Leadership Institute (LI), the Republican Party of Georgia (RPV), and GFAF staff. The session is casual and will included a time of getting to know other attendees. Attendees will learn the basic of election integrity, conservative grassroots activism and election day operations including Get Out The Vote (GOTV). [email protected]
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