Georgia for America First Agenda

What Is America First?

America First Initiative is a Grassroots Movement developed and created by Patriots and Constitutionalists across America who are disgusted and angry about the growth of the U.S. Federal Government and their complete lack of unaccountability to WE THE PEOPLE.

The more and more power the Federal Government wields, the less and less it conforms to the most basic ideal of what a government Of the People, For the People should look like.


Individuals can and should govern themselves in a respectful and disciplined manner in relation to their fellow human beings.  Imagine if that respect and discipline spread and traveled upward.


While we understand this undertaking will take years, if not decades to achieve – we also realize that America did not arrive at its present state over the course of a year or two.  This is a grassroots campaign that is dedicated to persist in our pursuit for as long as it takes to be successful.

America First Agenda - Targeted for Destruction!


After the 2020 Election, it became immediately apparent to those paying attention that the America First Agenda was targeted for destruction by the globalists and their allies. The legacy media, social media and “Big Tech” giants fully employed their persuasive powers to manipulate and CANCEL the free speech of individuals and organizations alike. Those with opinions not approved by the “Political Establishment” and their allies in government were literally crushed and silenced across the board.


Astonishingly, in response to this brazen grab for power, many of our most trusted elected leaders were unable, unwilling, or purposefully chose not to support the America First platform. The failure was staggering and many Americans lost faith and confidence in the electoral system and in the two major political parties. In turn, this loss of trust led to devastating levels of fear, anger, frustration, and grief. The future of America was shaken. The belief that America is the land of opportunity was now in question, and for most Americans, the hope of ever regaining their freedoms, liberty, and prosperity was dwindling rapidly.

Supporting The America First Agenda


A new era is dawning. Americans of all stripes are joining together to fight this hostile takeover of our political system by globalist elites. These brave Patriots are boldly restoring America First Principles and regaining the trust of the American people. These changes will not happen overnight, but will take years to achieve. Georgia For America First is committed to this goal.

Transparency and Accountability


Most of us grew up revering our beloved Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. Unfortunately, these documents and the governmental structures they provided are now under attack.


In order for our country to survive, these safeguards must be restored immediately. Together, we will enact the necessary changes to protect these documents and our system of government by providing transparency and accountability in our election system.


To accomplish this goal, we must unite and form a robust effort to replace those career politicians who are not committed to the proven system of Checks and Balances and the Rule of Law enshrined in our Constitution. We vote and throw those who are committed to the tyranny of totalitarianism, and the establishment of one-party rule out of office. For Good!

These are difficult tasks, but NOT impossible. The first step begins with “We the People” and citizen involvement. Together, we will regain what has been forgotten, stolen, and destroyed. This bold initiative will require ACTION! It will require patriots like you and me who love America as it was founded and fought for through blood, sweat and faith. We will once again embrace the principles and values that made America the greatest nation in human history.

The future of our state and nation depends on it. Will you join me in this effort?

GFAF Wants You, Join Now!

Georgia For America First (GFAF) is a 501(c)4
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