"A government without freedom is no government at all."
-- Abraham Baldwin
(Abraham Baldwin was a lawyer, a state legislator, a Revolutionary War hero, a Founding Father, and a Drafter of the US Constitution. Later, he was a US House Representative, a US Senator, and eventually the founder and first president of the University of Georgia.)


After the highly questionable election results of the 2020 presidential election, Americans across the country lost faith and confidence in their election system. Georgia was no different. The enormous disparities between the Presidential and down ballot elections in our state were indeed shocking pills to swallow. I am reaching out to you now to ask you to help me restore that confidence in our election process.

My name is Angie, and I am the new State Director of Georgia for America First, which is a 501 (C) (4) organization and is an affiliate of the America Project, which was founded by Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret.) and American Businessman, Dr. Patrick Byrne.  We are a non-partisan group with an interest in the long-term observation of elections in the State of Georgia (and throughout the country) by conducting surveys of our state’s election officials and canvassing of voters in each county to ensure accuracy and honesty in the voter registration system.  We are also committed to properly training poll watchers, informing voters of our state’s election laws and training citizen volunteers in voter turnout efforts.   In short, we want to avoid the mistakes, confusion, mischiefs, and irregularities which took place in the 2020 elections and to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the 2022 and 2024 elections to protect the validity of the ballot box and our state’s election system.

Our country and its founding principles are under attack by globalists and their allies in government, Wall Street, the legacy media and by others which make-up the political left in this country.  The weapon of choice is our vulnerable election system.  Over the last several decades they have worked with their allies in state government to implement measures in the name of making voting more accessible and fairer.  In reality, they quietly removed safety measures and assurances that protected the validity of the ballot box, and which properly reflected the will of the American electorate.   To quote Patrick Henry, “United, we succeed, and divided, we fail”.  That is why it is vital that every individual and group involved in this endeavor join forces and work together with individuals like Garland Favorito and groups like VoterGA to fix our broken electoral system.

This is where I need your assistance.  We are looking for reliable volunteers across the state in each of its 159 counties who would be willing to assist us and meet with their respective county’s Supervisor of Elections or Senior Election’s Official.  Hopefully, with your help, we will be able to finish this project by the end of June. By building a citizen-focused network in each of our counties by working with pro-freedom community groups and organizations, businesses, and individuals such as yourself to empower and embolden them to engage in the election process. Together we will ensure that Georgia implements fair and transparent elections.  Together, we can join hands to impact our future and preserve American freedoms and values.

Once you identify people within your organization or community who would like to help us in this endeavor, can you please complete the attached form or forward me their name, organization, cell phone, city and county of residence and email address to: aallison.theamericaproject.com or give me a call at: (678) 858-8091.

This challenge is vast and therefore needs dedicated and perseverant activism.  This challenge is vast and therefore needs dedicated and perseverant activism. Thank you for your help and I look forward to working with you and your organization to ensure accountability in our election system.



Who We Are

Georgia for America First, is a 501(C)(4) volunteer-based organization with the sole mission of harnessing and activating the power of the American spirit. By building a citizen-focused network in each of our state’s 159 counties, we will ignite that passion for our country and work to win back the heart and soul of what made us the promising beacon on the hill. Georgia for America First is a non-partisan group with the sincere belief that we can cross the aisle between the parties and bring about the unity of all races, nationalities and personal beliefs. Together with other organizations, we are committed to properly training poll watchers and inspiring citizen volunteers to go out and influence voter turnout.
Our organization will work to educate the voters of our state about the various inter-workings of elections laws and codes. We are affiliated with The America Project and work closely together to restore accountability to our election processes.
We work closely with pro-freedom community groups and organizations, along with businesses and individuals to empower and embolden citizens to engage themselves in the future of our America. We will work to ensure that Georgia implements fair and transparent elections for all local, state and national offices.

Our focus at this time is our LTEO (Long Term Observations of Elections project). Together with your help, we will conduct a comprehensive survey of all county election offices in our state. We will also canvass pre-selected voters to ensure accuracy and honesty in those election departments.

America First Agenda


America First Agenda - Targeted for Destruction!

After the 2020 Election, it became immediately apparent to those paying attention that the America First Agenda was targeted for destruction by the globalists and their allies. The legacy media, social media and “Big Tech” giants fully employed their persuasive powers to manipulate and CANCEL the free speech of individuals and organizations alike. Those with opinions not approved by the “Political Establishment” and their allies in government were literally crushed and silenced across the board.

Astonishingly, in response to this brazen grab for power, many of our most trusted elected leaders were unable, unwilling, or purposefully chose not to support the America First platform. The failure was staggering and many Americans lost faith and confidence in the electoral system and in the two major political parties. In turn, this loss of trust led to devastating levels of fear, anger, frustration, and grief. The future of America was shaken. The belief that America is the land of opportunity was now in question, and for most Americans, the hope of ever regaining their freedoms, liberty, and prosperity was dwindling rapidly.

Supporting The America First Agenda

A new era is dawning. Americans of all stripes are joining together to fight this hostile takeover of our political system by globalist elites. These brave Patriots are boldly restoring America First Principles and regaining the trust of the American people. These changes will not happen overnight, but will take years to achieve. Georgia For America First is committed to this goal.

Transparency and Accountability

Most of us grew up revering our beloved Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. Unfortunately, these documents and the governmental structures they provided are now under attack.
In order for our country to survive, these safeguards must be repaired immediately. Together, we will enact the necessary changes to protect these documents and our system of government by providing transparency and accountability in our election system.

To accomplish this goal, we must unite and form a robust effort to replace those career politicians who are not committed to the proven system of Checks and Balances and the Rule of Law enshrined in our Constitution. We must throw those who are committed to the tyranny of totalitarian, and the establishment of one-party rule out of office. For Good!
These are difficult tasks, but NOT impossible. The first step begins with “We the People” and citizen involvement. Together, we will regain what has been forgotten, stolen, and destroyed. This bold initiative will require ACTION! It will require patriots like you and me who love America as it was founded and fought for through blood, sweat and faith. We will once again embrace the principles and values that made America the greatest nation in human history.
The future of our state and nation depends on it. Will you join me in this effort?

Save Georgia!

In 1776, Georgians helped lead the way to establish our Republic and we will do so again in 2022 and in 2024!

We have an opportunity at this momentous time to send a clear message to the nation that Georgians from the mountains, to the central and southern regions, to the coastal plains, support an America First Agenda.

We are angry that our most basic freedoms are being ignored by Washington, D.C. and by the political left who want to bring their tyrannical and socialist ways to our state. Many states have succumbed to their message and have become destitute and without hope. Not Georgia. We do not want to become another California, Illinois or New York.

We are tired of seeing our jobs shipped overseas, and our factories and small businesses shattered. We are angry about high interest rates, high gas and food prices, and other commodity shortages. We are furious that our state’s parents are being told by the elites that they have no say in what our children are being taught in the public schools.

What’s at Stake?

Simply put, the future of Georgia and America is on the precipice of total destruction. This November 8th we will have an opportunity to send a clear and loud message to those in power that we are fed up and that we will not accept higher taxes, more spending, more debt, and more government mandates that infringe on our most basic civil rights, liberties and freedoms.

With your financial help and “boots on the ground” involvement, we will educate voters across this state about the differences between those candidates who support an American First Agenda and those who are “business as usual” traditional politicians.
In the upcoming elections, Georgians will have the opportunity to vote for several important offices:

  • 1 US Senator
  • 12 members of our State’s Congressional delegation
  • Governor
  • State executive officers
  • State Senate
  • State House
  • Supreme Court and lower courts
  • School boards
  • Municipal officers
  • State ballot measures

With your help, we can “Build Georgia Back Better” and “Make Georgia Great Again!”

Georgia For Election Transparency

Georgia For America First has close ties with Georgia For Election Transparency. As we have seen in the past, our elections process is a mess and there is a lot of controversy surrounding it. Georgia For America First has an Election Integrity Manual with our thoughts regarding elections and election transparency so that the public may review. 


Georgia Manual 9-7-22

Georgia On My Mind

From the Mountains of North Georgia to its many lakes and inland waterways; from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta to the small towns of South Georgia; Georgia is fast becoming one of our nation’s most important states. The vibrant farms, busy ports and numerous sports venues make it a desirable destination to many seeking a versatile life. This versatility targets us to carry federal, state and local elections and we must ensure we are carrying them in ways befitting our traditional values and beliefs.

In order to do that, we must elect leaders who understand that those values and beliefs are the foundation of our state and our country. That is why election integrity is so important. If our voting system is corrupt, we will continue to unintentionally elect corrupt leaders.

1. Mountains of North Georgia

2. Inland Waterways

3. Atlanta

4. Small Town Georgia

5. Vibrant Farm

6. Relaxing Coastlines

7. Truist BallPark

8. Commercial Ports

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